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ROV Exploring the Shores of Sydney, Australia

Brendan Cook   |   June 20, 2017

Deep Trekker deployed a DTG2 ROV within the waters of Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia. Exploring the marine life using the HD underwater camera.

Working for Deep Trekker will take you to very interesting places. Since the DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) can be used by commercial dive teams, Military & Navy personnel, shipping companies, aquaculture site managers, and municipalities, the Deep Trekker team has had the opportunity to assist and support industries all over the world. Recently, we were invited to Australia to showcase our expanding lineup of submersible inspection and service robots.

rov Visit in Australia

Trade Shows in Australia

On display in the Deep Trekker water tank at the Australian trade show was the DTG2. The portable hand held controller allowed attendees to experience first hand, the ease with which the DTG2 can be utilized. Out of the water, but still available to test drive, was the DT340 Pipe Crawler, Deep Trekker's versatile pipe cleaner. Visitor's to the booth found that the uncomplicated designs of Deep Trekker's ROVs, allowed for users to become quickly comfortable with the controllers and feeling comfortable operating either of the units in minutes.

Crowd at Australia Trade Show with deep trekker rov

Joining the Deep Trekker ROV lineup, was our brand new, fully submersible machine, the DT640 Utility Crawler. Both guests at the booth, and the members of the Deep Trekker team had a great time experiencing the DT640 in action, with demonstrations which included the adaptable vacuum attachment.

tank cleaning robot dt640 utility crawler

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ROV in Australia - Exploring the Depths

Down time between trade shows in Australia granted the Deep Trekker team the perfect opportunity to take an HD ROV out into the ocean. The viewing opportunities for marine life turned out to be ideal, and there couldn't have been a better platform to use the HD Camera to snap a few photos and record some high-quality videos.

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rov Prop Inspection

With the water being beautifully clear and brimming with diverse marine life, the photo opportunities were endless. The curiosity of fish and divers alike made for really wonderful and memorable photos.

Coral Reef Investigation

Blue Fish Underwater


Exploring Coral Reef

The Deep Trekker journey along the coastal shores of Australia was a phenomenal opportunity for us to showcase our vehicles, and an experience of a lifetime. We are look forward to visiting our friends "down under" again, very soon.

We will be uploading more photos and videos so be sure to check back often.


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