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Must-See Diving Destinations | 2019 Edition

Shannon Regan   |   January 31, 2019

If you missed our 2018 diving bucket list, don't worry, we've got you covered! If you're looking for somewhere fresh, new and exciting to go diving, read Deep Trekker's Must See Diving Destinations - 2019 Edition.

Malapascua - Philippines

Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Puerta Galera and more, all part of the Philippines which, like Indonesia, lies in the Coral Triangle. Malapascua is a tiny little island just off the shores of Cebu and is world famous for regular sightings of thresher sharks.

More than 500 different species of hard and soft coral are found in the region and other large creatures such as manta and hammerheads are often spotted, along with jackfish and barracuda schooling by the thousand.

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The Riviera Maya – Mexico

Located in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, The Riviera Maya is Mexico’s top holiday resort destination and highly regarded by divers. The deep sinkholes known as cenotes are one of the area’s most famous features.

While technical diving experience is required to explore the cave system in full, there are easier caverns more suited to the recreational diver. Out to sea, bull sharks and sailfish are commonly seen during the winter months, and the summer brings nesting turtles and a giant whale sharks.

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Silfra Gap - Iceland

Diving in Iceland? Yes, really! Dry-suits are a year-round essential, but Iceland‘s most famous dive site, Silfra – or the Silfra Fissure – has some of the clearest water to be found on the planet.

Widely regarded as one of the most spectacular dives in the world, Silfra itself is relatively unpopulated by marine life, but there are plenty of other places in Iceland to discover as well. Of particular note are Arnarnesstrýtur and Strýtan, geothermal chimneys pumping volcanically heated, mineral-rich water directly into the cold ocean.

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The Red Sea

No blog about the best places in the world to go diving would be complete without mentioning the Red Sea. Which bit of the Red Sea? Well, all of it! Highlights include Ras Mohamed and Tiran (Sharm El Sheikh), St Johns, Daedelus and Elphinstone, but don’t forget Dahab’s (in)famous Blue Hole, or Aqaba’s wreck of the Cedar Pride, not to mention some of the best and most accessible wrecks in the world.

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