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Get to Know Deep Trekker Pipe Crawler Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Trekker Inc. is your complete headquarters for rugged and submersible pipe crawler systems, designed and developed to conduct infrastructure and structural inspections in hard to reach areas. Take a look at some of the pipe crawler frequently asked questions below.

Pipe Crawler Frequently Asked Questions

deep trekker pipe crawler dt340

Is the Pipe Crawler submersible?

The DT340 and DT320 Mini Crawler are completely waterproof and fully submersible to 50 m (164 ft).

What size pipes can the Crawler access?

The DT340 can enter pipes with a diameter of 8-36 inches and the DT320 Mini Crawler has a diameter range as small as 6 inches and up to 12 inches.

How is the Pipe Crawler powered?

We have designed a completely portable system by putting lithium-ion batteries inside the Pipe Crawler and controller. With batteries on-board, there is no need to have a CCTV truck or other power supply nearby. Simply, drive the tethered pipe crawler into your inspection site, and watch the live feed directly to your handheld controller. The DT320 Mini Crawler is fully integrated to use the same controller and tether as the DT340 crawler.

How long do the batteries last and how long does it take to recharge them?

With onboard batteries, deploy from anywhere. Our Pipe Crawler systems work up to 8 hours on a 1.5-hour battery charge and can easily be top-up charged throughout the day.

What kind of camera is used?

The DT340 L comes equipped with a static camera head and the DT340 S and DT340 X are equipped with a pan/tilt/zoom camera head for tough pipe inspections. The DT320 Mini Crawler is equipped with an HD pan/tilt camera.

Does the controller record the footage?

We offer a digital video recorder that plugs into the back video out port on the controller and records all footage onto an SD card. It’s about the size of a deck of cards and can fit in your pocket as you’re working.

deep trekker pipe crawler dt340

Are you able to customize the Crawler?

In a single day of inspections, you may encounter many different pipe profiles, which is why we have made our systems entirely modular and with plug-and-play technologies. The compact camera head can be easily removed using the quick release brackets to swap between cameras or accessories.

In addition to optional tracks for large jobs, various wheel proportions have also been designed for specific pipe sizes. Quickly add and replace wheels and tracks in-field based on your specific task at hand.

For more on Pipe Crawler add-ons, visit our site!

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