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Exploring Penzance Cornwall

A great customer of ours has passed along this footage that he filmed using his new Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV in Penzance, Cornwall in the UK. He is a seasoned drone pilot and has now gained the ability to explore under the waves. Check out his awesome footage!


This is what he had to say about using his new Deep Trekker ROV:

"This is a short taste of my second dive with my new Deep Trekker DTG2 mini ROV, The DTG2 is a great machine, only the second go on the controls and i'm already getting to grips with this great little vehicle. Because of the DTG2 small size and maneuverability it suits my needs really well, it can be hand launched in small and hard to get to places, as can be seen in the opening scenes of this video. I have been discovering the beautiful Cornish scenery for a number of years with my Flying FPV vehicles, now With the DTG2 i'm looking forward to exploring the hidden world under the waves.

The Deep Trekker is going to be a fantastic addition to my remote operated vehicles. This dive is at Penzance Cornwall, in the UK."

Check out his channel for more awesome exploration videos: Beesleyboy's Youtube Channel