Laser Scaler

These are used to help gauge the size of a specimen, sediment, or any object sitting on the ocean floor. Set at 25mm apart, by using the laser scalers (that are mounted above the camera on the ROV), you are able to determine the size of an object for documentation.

Sediment Sampler

Using the Sediment Sampler, operators can pick up samples of sediment sitting on the ocean floor or lakebed. Bring up samples to run diagnostics and other tests. This feature is also great for the retrieval of any tiny objects. Note that this add-on requires the 2-Function Grabber as a prerequisite.

sediment sampler

Water Sampler

Similar to the Sediment Sampler, a Water Sampler retrieves samples of the water. Pilots can drive an ROV to desired depths of the lake/oceans for specific sampling. The vehicle can then quickly be driven back to the surface for analysis. This add-on also requires the 2-Function Grabber as a prerequisite.

Two-Function Grabber Arm

Put your DTG3 to work with a two-function grabber or manipulator arm. This is great for retrieving species samples, holding tools or deploying equipment. Both the PIVOT and REVOLUTION ROVs come pre-integrated with pan/tilt grabber arms.

Enhanced 4k Camera

Upgrade the ROV camera for unmatched quality in low light situations. Deep Trekker’s 4k camera also provides superior clarity in short focal lengths. This allows for enhanced clarity up-close for better identification of tiny targets.

USBL Positioning Systems

Gain awareness of the relative position of the ROV, as well as set custom waypoints on a GPS style map. Without the ability to utilize GPS underwater, ROVs rely on the use of sound technology for navigation and locating. For marine research, this can be used to generate locational data of wildlife or physical/geological landmarks, or mark areas of interest for repeated surveying.

usbl system

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Kit

This compact sensor add-on integrates directly onto an ROV and controller with no additional equipment required. Monitor changes in oxygen levels through different trophic levels and record on a simplified spreadsheet. This add-on can be extremely useful for biological oceanographers examining wildlife or aquaculture sites.

Multiparameter Water Quality Analysis Sonde

Similarly to the dissolved oxygen sensor, this sensor collects and records data on water quality. As an ROV navigates through the water, different locations can be analyzed. For more comprehensive monitoring, Deep Trekker ROVs can be equipped with up to four sensors at one time. Full list of sensors here.

Deep Trekker Difference

Deep Trekker utilizes over a decade of underwater robotics experience to offer a variety of robust, field-tested ROVs. With three different models available in conveniently bundled packages, Deep Trekker also offers a-la-carte style customization to ensure each vehicle is specialized for your project.

Have questions about how an ROV can benefit your next research project? Get in touch with one of our industry experts today!

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