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The Ultimate Marine Research ROV Package

Deep Trekker marine research ROV, or underwater drone, offering biologists a low-cost tool to perform underwater sampling and monitoring.

Deep Trekker ROVs are the perfect underwater inspection tool for a number of industries like aquaculture, shipping, energy production, and security. They are used to confirm the integrity of underwater structures that are important to the operations of the industries. While Deep Trekker ROVs are perfect for these types of tasks and having the ability to see underwater is integral to a lot of the work that is done, Deep Trekker’s are not limited to simply acting as eyes under the water.

The research industry is another market that Deep Trekker has provided tremendous value to customers worldwide. Marine biologists, ecosystem conservationists, marine mammal specialists and more have all found various uses for Deep Trekker ROVs.

With the Deep Trekker DTG2 Worker, researchers and scientists are able to rely on the ROV to see the “happenings” taking place below the waves, record what they see to document their research, as well as use the grabber arm to take samples and move equipment.

Though all research is different, we have come up with the “Ultimate Marine Research ROV Package” based on what are the most popular items and add-ons among the global research industries. If you are looking for an ROV for your research and don’t know where to start, use this list as a guideline to figure out what add-ons and options are best for you and your work.

The Ultimate Marine Research ROV Package

Deep Trekker DTG2 Worker Package

Contents: DTG2 ROV, 150M Depth Rating, 100M of Tether, Tether Reel, Carry Case, Handheld Controller (with live stream screen), 2 Function Grabber Arm, Sensor Package With the DTG2 Worker Package, you are given the highest depth rated DTG2 model, outfitted with the two-function grabber arm. It comes equipped with the sensor package with auto heading and depth functions, as well as temperature, depth, pitch and heading display. This is the perfect ROV for underwater research since the sensor package displays important information and the 2-Function grabber arm takes the ROV from being simply a set of eyes in the water to providing an extra hand.

Auxiliary Lights

With the addition of the auxiliary lights you are provided with 900 more lumens of light (on top of the 300 lumens that come with the flood light mounted within the ROV). These lights are one of the most popular options that our customers in every industry opt for. They improve lighting and visibility in dark areas significantly and have been highly valuable on a number of research expeditions.

Laser-Scaler_2Laser Scaler

These are used to help gauge the size of a specimen, sediment, or any object sitting on the ocean floor. Set at 25mm apart, by using the laser scalers (that are mounted above the camera on the ROV), you are able to determine the size of an object and document for your research.


Sediment-Sampler_2Sediment Sampler

Using the Sediment Sampler you can pick up samples of sediment sitting on the ocean floor or lakebed. Bring up samples to run diagnostics and other tests. This feature is also great for scooping up tiny objects. Note that this add-on requires the 2-Function Grabber arm to work.


Water Sampler

Similar to the Sediment Sampler, our Water Sampler allows you to grab samples of the water from different depths of the lake/ocean. Bring water to the surface and run any tests necessary for your research. This add-on also requires the use of the Grabber Arm to function.    

DVR-Package_2Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

With our HD DVR you have the ability to record everything the ROV sees while flying through the water. Perfect for video documentation of your research and sharing your work with others.    

Can you think of anything else that may of use to your research? Share your research and ideas with us in the comment section below.