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What Pipe Crawler Package is Right for You

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 9, 2020

Fully submersible and battery operated, Deep Trekker’s pipe crawlers provide an effective, portable and efficient way to conduct pipe inspections. Both the DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler and the DT340 Pipe Crawler are steerable and easy to use, with all in one controller systems. Equipped with pipe inspection software and WinCan integrations, Deep Trekker crawlers are perfect for professional and accurate pipe inspections.

The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is designed with portability in mind. Easily transportable and contained in one carrying case, the DT320 can be deployed straight from the box. Battery operated, the DT320 does not require generators or power supply making it the only battery operated CCTV pipe crawler of its kind.

Built for municipal pipe inspections, the DT340 Pipe Crawler is fully self-contained and battery powered. Like the DT320, the DT340 is able to be deployed quickly straight from the carrying case . Lasting between 8-4 hours on a single charge, the DT340 is a durable, effective pipe crawler, perfect for a wide variety of pipe inspection needs.

Read on to see which crawler package will get the job done for you.

DT320 Mini Crawler Base

The DT320 Mini Crawler Base is equipped to inspect pipes from 6” to 12”. With a 200M tether and counter reel, LCD controller, HD pan tilt camera, manual elevating arm, lifting device and wheeled case this package is perfect to get started and build from.

DT320 Mini Crawler XL

The ultimate mini pipe crawler package, the DT320 Mini Crawler XL is everything you need for pipe inspections from 6” to 12”. Containing everything in the DT320 Mini Crawler Base plus a powered reel, control console and all wheel and track options to set you up for success.

DT340L Pipe Crawler Package

Everything you need to get started, the DT340L Pipe Crawler Package allows operators to perform basic 8” pipe inspections. With a static camera head and a 656 feet (200m) tether on a reel the DT340L is a great option to get started. Able to be upgraded over time, this package can grow with your pipe inspection program.

DT340S Pipe Crawler Package

With the DT340S Pipe Crawler Package, operators are equipped with everything they need as a professional pipe inspector. The pan, tilt and zoom camera allows users to easily view their entire pipe system while the tether length counter lets operators mark where defects are found.

DT340X Pipe Crawler Package

Take on larger diameter pipes with the DT340X Pipe Crawler Package. Suitable for pipes 8” to 36” in diameter for PACP coding, the DT340X can also perform general inspections in much larger diameters. With an elevating arm, additional wheel set and 1312 ft (400m) of tether the DT340X will help maximize your pipe diameter capabilities.

DT340XL Pipe Crawler Package

Suitable for pipes from 6” to 36”, the DT340XL Pipe Crawler Package is the ultimate pipe crawling package. Complete with a track kit, elevating arm and 1312 ft (400m) of tether, the DT340XL is for serious pipe inspection needs.

Packages can always be customized to fit your individual needs. A variety of available add-ons provide options to tackle whatever job you are facing.

Want to learn more about the packages Deep Trekker has available? Check out the DTG3 Packages Blog. Our team of industry experts is available to answer any questions you may have - reach out today!

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