We opted for the sediment samplers due to the small size of the object, opposed to the grabber claws which are much better suited to retrieve large objects. The sediment sampler is not only great for picking up smaller things, but as the name suggests - it was originally designed for the research industry to collect soil samples.

Researchers with the Deep Trekker ROV, can now perform their own research investigations themselves - rather than hiring third parties to collect their data for them. With an affordable price tag, it makes sense for environmental researchers who need to collect water, soil, or specimen samples to have a DTG2 Worker and Sediment Sampler in the fleet of tools.

Use the DTG2 Worker ROV and Sediment Sampler for Water, Soil, Specimen and Small Object Retrieval.

All in all, being behind the controls when we discovered the lost ring felt like a great accomplishment, and I hope you have the opportunity to experience it yourself as well.

Comment below with anything you've found while exploring the underwater world.