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Deep Trekker Inc. launches the DTG2 ROV and PodCam systems

Company Product and Event News

Ayr ON, July 1, 2011 – Deep Trekker Inc. is pleased to announce that the launch of the world’s lowest cost micro ROV, the DTG2 and the PodCam series, was a success.  The product shipped July 1st as planned to various interested dealers and customers around the world.  In fact, the demand was so great for… Read More »


Deep Trekker Inc. set to launch the DTG2 ROV

Company Product and Event News

Ayr ON, May 1, 2011 – After 3 years of intensive product development, Deep Trekker Inc. is set to deliver a product the world has not seen before.  The DTG2 will launch missions from boats of all sizes, beside pools, on cottage docks or anywhere a body of water exists.  The DTG2 pilot will range from… Read More »

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